A life without meaning is no life at all


‘‘Of all the crises facing humanity, the lack of any sense of meaning in life is the crisis that guarantees all the rest - Carl Jung


The key to success and happiness in life is to find meaning, because a life without meaning in no life at all. Once you find your meaning in life you will make better choices and set clearer goals to achieve the outcomes you deserve.

As a coach Jeremy places great emphasis on helping you to develop into the best version of you it’s possible to be. He believes passionately that it is the lack of meaning in a persons life which lies at the root of their unhappiness and dissatisfaction. By working with you as an individual to uncover the beliefs and values which underpin who you are, he will help you to find true meaning in your life and then to move forward to successfully reaching you goals to fulfil your potential.

As an executive coach Jeremy works with you to define and deliver your corporate or organisational vision and strategy as well as helping you to realise your own professional goals. All this can be achieved whilst ensuring a good life balance, because your success at work should not come at the cost of your happiness in life. Coaching key executives is the most focused use of an organisations resources.

As an inspirational speaker, Jeremy shows you how to change the way you think, so that you can develop your full potential, profoundly improving not only your own life, but also the lives of those who matter most to you at home, at work...in life.

It is not we who choose to define who we are. The choices we make define who we are.
— Marcus Aurelius